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NO fascists (crypto- or otherwise), NO racists, NO homophobes/transphobes/bigotry towards sexual minorities, NO anti-feminists, NO ableists, NO abusive behavior of any kind, NO harassment, NO bots, NO spamming or concerted promotion/marketing. NO untagged sexually suggestive material; ALL such material must be CW'd. Absolutely NO promotion of illegal behavior; NO illegal activity. All moderation decisions, decisions on removal of content, and decisions on bans are at the sole discretion of the admin. All decisions on additions to this list of guidelines are the sole discretion of the admin. Suggestions of changes/amendments to these rules from the users are welcome.


Please be friendly to other instances out there in the Mastodon universe and use Content Warnings frequently. This list of suggested CW-able topics is by no means complete but seems to be a Mastodon-wide set of cultural norms.

Use CWs on:
•ANY sexual content/nudity (this one is mandatory on this instance)
•discussions of politics/current events
•discussions of violence
•discussions of hate topics (racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc)
•discussions of religion
•discussions of mental health
•discussions of drug/alcohol use
•discussions of food/diet/weight (this includes photos of food)
•discussions of medical issues
•flashing/possibly disorienting gifs

Please use your best judgment in your behavior to others on other instances. This is not Twitter! We want a new set of inclusive norms here on Mastodon.