See, now, this burns me up, because it seems to me that the central logo is authentic, but the font on the side is right off a CD-ROM. Come on, guys, you're a tiny regional brand and you didn't have any better source material?

please watch this heart-stoppingly dumb video advertising pens and watches called CHAOS that are "designed by Sylvester Stallone," cost thousands of dollars, and are absolutely covered in skulls

impenetrable mysteries, continued: the long-standing and deeply-held affection of British comics fans for the Marvel UK character, Death's Head. Guess I have to take my hat off to someone that harassed both the Transformers and Doctor Who, though

so he didn't solve the mystery or expose the Spaniard's secret, he just revealed that this mystery of the secret (which may as well be "does the Spaniard have a secret?") exists. MORE EFFORT PLEASE, ZORRO

I know charcoal is not a true mineral and also that this idea is fraught with issues and concerns on both the OSHA and dignity levels

just proposed that a coworker stick a charcoal briquette (which I described as "basically like a big mineral ravioli, right?") up their butts as a remedy for bad gas

boost if u think I should include Bear in the card game

Also, I don't have enough money to buy even a parking space-sized parcel of land, so clearly this goes on the "post-apocalypse to-do list"

Other "The Price is Right" textures I was/am obsessively curious about: the dice in Dice Game, the chips and bag in 3 Strikes, the walnut shells in Shell Game, the light-up amber pads in Penny Ante

Always wanted to touch the Big Wheel, specifically to see what the numbers felt like; I have a long-standing and baseless suspicion that they have a giving firmness like a gymnastics mat.

I've checked. It's not the same Bob Barker and I would have been absolutely shattered to discover that it was.

let me show you something weird that happens when you search for Bob Barker on eBay due to an unfortunate confluence with the prison-industrial complex

I'm here to tell you that if you just want to *look* at ephemera and you don't feel the need to actually possess it (and I'm speaking as someone who owns framed menus from restaurants of my youth), eBay is a ding-dang gold mine

always thought the wall-mounted light bulbs of the game shows of my youth were really cool and fun (and elegant, but in a different way than chandeliers, which I also considered elegant) and now that I'm a homeowner I wonder how impractical they would be (almost certainly very)

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