@Jeffwik Yeah. I may be give this another month but I'm not gonna pay 5 Euros a month for this, I really don't like this place at all sadly.

boost to cause 1d8 bite damage to an enemy's timeline

If I don't feel like my Content is worth posting on Mastodon I'm sure as fuck going to boost the stuff that speaks to me

[late '80s/early '90s marketing team voice] kids love Bertolt Brecht

birthing us and then making us pay the interest on our birth is the worst thing the boomers have done

might have to fuck around and rewatch HyperNormalisation tonight because I'm in a very, very dark and fatalistic mood

when you end the gaming sesh and all your players are pacing nervously and/or staring into the middle distance: now THAT'S respect


what a sad fucker, I think to myself seeing the guy standing forlornly at the Redbox machine at 10:30 on a Saturday night as I pull into the Taco Bell drive-thru

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