ROOT report: I was the cartel, she was the paleoconservatives, we fought the robots and the robots won, though the right-wingers did hit their points target before the bots did. 30-30-20 or so, I was the weak link there.

My son just said “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to poop. I’m sorry.”

Feels even more like I'm just talking to myself here than before, no real reason for that I suppose.

There's a special kind of wistfully lonely nostalgia when a mostly solitary middle-aged man reads PDFs of the trappings of his youth, which is to say, there's a White Wolf sale at Drivethru right now.

Oh, hey, after the fact ROOT report: I was the Marxists (or Mafia, as the babysitter's boyfriend observed, it maps just as well) and she was the instigator and the babysitter and her boyfriend were the cats and the birds, and the instigator ran away with the dish and the spoon not at all to my surprise. I didn't get around to triggering the barricades until what turned out to be my last turn, whoopsy.

The comic book version of MST3k is an interesting experiment but I don't think an entirely successful one, for what it's worth.

I’m still bothered by my inability to find whatever the best 0.1% of YouTube’s content is.

“Jeff and Carl and Vril and Garryn” I mean. I can’t even remember how to spell one of the main characters’ names.

Several years ago my dad said he wanted to do a podcast with me when he retired, in which we go issue-by-issue through the comic L.E.G.I.O.N. And I said I was down and he retired at the start of this month and he’s visiting next week and might
mention this idea again and the thing is I’m pretty sure he and I are the only people alive who will admit to remembering anything about L.E.G.I.O.N. So I dunno that there is an audience for “Jeff and Carl and Vril and Garren” or whatever we would call it.

Mostly just waiting for my son to eat his lunch right now. Hey, what is to the present day as Shanda the Panda was to 1995? Some terrible webcomic I bet.

There ought to be a term for the non-spoiler that spoils. Like, just being told there’s a spoiler that’s being tiptoed around is enough to change how you interact with a story.

Rewatching the Good Place in bits and pieces while feeding baby etc and I’ve got to say that first season totes holds up

Idea number 10: a big fat hen. That’s right I’m talking recipes I’m talking chicken breast on talking chicken thigh I’m talking roast I’m talking broil I’m talking broast I’m talking sauté I’m talking deep fry shallow fry medium fry

Number nine number nine number nine I can’t believe no one has ever done this joke before but here we are number nine number nine number nine

Number eight is reviews of podcasts I don’t listen to wherein I condemn what I imagine to be their contents

Six idea hilarious slice of life anecdotes about how I’m a disappointment to my family

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